Education & Training

Biological processes have historically been used in various industrial fields such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment industries. However, advances in cellular biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemical process engineering, and control engineering have created new industrial prospects in addition to the existing ones. These new industries have a crucial role in many areas, such as improving the quality of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, providing cheaper and more accessible energy and chemical raw materials, and improving environmental control and waste management. In addition, these new industrial developments have brought with them new methods and techniques.

Therefore, there is a need in the market for people who know these methods and techniques. This need has brought education and training to the forefront. These training programs should be created to provide the necessary training for people involved in these new industrial developments. They should discover the potential of what they can do with this education and training.

The production of rapid diagnostic tests in the field of biotechnology has increased dramatically, especially with the worldwide outbreak of covid. Covid, a highly contagious disease, has brought the need for rapid diagnosis to the forefront. Rapid diagnostic kits contain many components. For the production and development of each component, the employees who will take part in the production must undergo a certain education and training. For example, the buffers to be used in the tests must have the desired stability. Strip design depends on the density and quantity of the sample to be used, the buffer and the buffer-sample mixture to be used for the test. Antibody conjugation requires specific technical knowledge and experience. Purification should be done carefully, the most appropriate buffer should be used and the concentration should be adjusted correctly. All procedures described requiring the necessary education and training.

Our customized education and training programs for workers in diagnostics, healthcare, human services, and other multidisciplinary fields aim to equip today’s professionals with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to meet the world’s changing needs and keep pace with developments in the field. Our education and training programs offer a wide range of personalized and flexible training solutions to support each member of your team in their roles to improve the biotechnology practices and insights of your entire staff. Whether you want to implement new solutions, train new employees, or improve your techniques, our industry-leading expertise and vital resources can help you succeed.


Consulting Service

The main theme in consulting services is to have knowledge of the subject matter that the client wants and to be able to use this to the client’s advantage.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a form of outsourcing in which a company hires a contract manufacturer to create a part or an entire product.

Education & Training

The production of rapid diagnostic tests in the field of biotechnology has increased dramatically, especially with the worldwide outbreak of covid.

Rapid Diagnostic Test Dev.

Rapid diagnostic test development is designing a rapid diagnostic test to confirm the presence of a wide range of pathogens, biomarkers, and antibodies.