About Us

Powered by Vitrosens Biotechnology, 1sensDX is a lateral flow assay (LFA) R&D and training company providing reliable, high-quality, and innovative services to companies in the field of in vitro diagnostics. With our specialized and experienced staff, we respond to the various needs of companies working in the field of LFA or newcomers to this sector. Our consultancy service offers the most efficient solutions for your company and guides you on the issues you are undecided about or unfamiliar with. Our rapid diagnostic test development service develops reliable, sensitive, and high-quality rapid diagnostic tests in line with the demands of companies with our expert and experienced staff. Our training and education service provides you with the most efficient way to learn the techniques and methods you want to learn about LFA and trains qualified personnel for you.

In addition, with our contract manufacturing service, we ensure that the component or the whole product is produced in a high quality and fast manner within the specifications you want in our factory with high production capacity, competent devices, and qualified production staff. We are also at your side for the components needed for LFA production. We contribute to the quality of your rapid diagnostic tests with colloidal gold, conjugation kits, and uncut sheets that combine our expertise and production quality. With all these services, as 1sensDX, we are at your side with all our knowledge and experience in the LFA sector.